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DIY Distressed Denim
I’ve always loved this style but instead of buying a pair of new distressed jeans that would probably cost a bomb, why not revamp your old jeans? You could even use your mom’s old jeans to rock the distressed boyfriend/mom jeans trend ;-)
Things you’ll need:
A penknife or anything with a sharp blade 
Old jeans
1. Use the chalk to mark out the areas on the jeans that you’d like to distress. I’d suggest around the knee areas. 2. Slide the cardboard inside your jeans, underneath the area that you want to start distressing first.3. Using the penknife, start making horizontal cuts within the boundary that you marked out with the chalk. Make sure that all the cuts go through the fabric. 4. After making these cuts, you’ll notice some white thread hanging out. Separate these threads gently. 5. For smaller areas, use the sandpaper in up-down motions until the white threads are exposed.6. Repeat the steps for the other areas you marked out.
Whoop! You now have a pair of sexy distressed jeans ;-)

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