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Summer Essentials
By: Sabrina
For those of you living in the northern hemisphere, it’s almost summertime! Prepare yourselves to get sun kissed everyday and to smell the fresh, warm air. Here are some essentials for a perfect summer!
A pair of funky sunglasses

You can get funky sunglasses pretty much anywhere! Sunglasses adds a perfect touch to your outfit and they make your outfit look more interesting. Not only do they make you look good, they protect your eyes. Sportsgirl, Karen Walker, Ksubi and Minkpink are some places you can get some nice sunglasses. 
Plain tees

Stock up on your plain tees! They are so so comfy and you can pair them with pretty much everything. You could get them in different textures so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing the same tee over and over again. You could pair a simple white tee with denim shorts for a casual, simple look or a plain white tee with leather pants to look more ‘edgy’.

They look so cute with your outfit and its so easy to pair them with anything you wear! Alexa Chung likes wearing her chelsea boots with her shorts and tees. Or you can go fancy and wear them with a dress. Boots are so comfy and they are simple. There’s so many cute kinds of boots, my personal favorite are Chelsea Boots.
Gold, Rose Gold and Silver Rings

They look so good together, you could just stack them up and mix and match! You could find them pretty much anywhere, Nasty Gal or Topshop have the cutest rings. They completely spice up your outfit and you can wear them anywhere. 
Ice Cream

What is summer without ice cream? Ice Cream are so yummy and you can either make them yourselves or go to a nice ice cream store. They taste so good and they are the perfect treat for a hot, summer day.

Whether it is your iphone camera, a disposable camera, a 35mm film camera or a polaroid camera, get a camera! Use your camera to capture the summer memories that you make! Take a picture of what you’re eating for brunch or when you’re at the beach with your friends or when you’re going to party. 
Thats it! These are your summer essentials. I hope these tips help you have a great summer! 

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