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Books To Read
By: Triana
Sometimes it’s hard to find good books to read when we need them. Searching for reviews on the internet can lead to spoilers or biased opinions. Here’s a list of a few of my favorite books with a little description attached to make sure it’s the book for you. Another tip, if you need help finding great books to read and don’t want to waste your time scouring books to hopefully find a good one, go to your local library and ask a librarian for help. If you tell them what type of books you like they would be happy to recommend a few for you. 
It’s Kind of A Funny Story
A novel about a 15-year-old boy developing depression. Easy to relate to characters and definitely and page turner. I finished it in around 5 hours. 
A shorter novel that describes the life of a teenage girl who has to overcome her past to move on. Definitely heavier subject material.
The Wintergirls
Personally this book really got to me. It covers the life of one girl with anorexia, who’s friend just died of the same eating disorder. Again, very heavy material but brilliantly written.  
The Virgin Suicides
Even though this book is on the shorter side, it will captivate you in every way. Al of the characters seem similar at first but develop into their own as the novel progresses. For those who enjoy a little bit of mystery in their reading.
The Book Thief
One of my all time favorite books. It’s very long so it’s perfect for road trips. It is also written with great imagery so it’s wonderful for people who have a hard time picturing the scenes themselves. Told from the point of view of death in Nazi Germany during WWII.
The Giver
Now currently being made into a movie, it takes place in the future in a so called Utopian society. Very nicely written, a classic page turner that pays attention to detail. Occasionally making you have to catch your breathe or causing you to gasp at the ideas in this novel.

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