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How To Survive Finals

By: Triana
Many teenagers during their high school career have to take a series of tests called “finals”. The key to surviving finals is balance and staying healthy. Here are my tips on how to not only survive finals, but do well on them. 
1. Eat.
No not skip a meal, add more snacks, and eat healthy foods. Your brain needs all the energy right now. Things like fruits and nuts that you can bring into your room to snack on are perfect. 
2. Sleep.
Please please sleep. Sleep is the most important thing at a time like this. Do not pull an all nighter, and do not study so long that you can’t sleep. 
3. Caffeine.
If you like coffee or tea, now is a god time to take advantage of that. Don’t drink excessive amounts of coffee and make sure that you drink water with it to stay hydrated, but coffee can be useful at a time like this. I would not suggest energy drinks or supplements though because neither of those are good for you.
4. Stop procrastinating.
Yes, tumblr is fun but so is studying! Okay not really but it can be.Blast some music in place of facebook or tumblr or instagram and really focus. Turn your phone off too, or if you really need it just turn of the notifications. It’s a little thing that really helps a lot.
5. Breaks. 
These are very important to your studying time. A break can either be taking a walk, going out to dinner, spending time with a friend or anything of that sort. Going online is not a break. If you really really need to satisfy that urge, go ahead but control yourself. Don’t get too caught up in breaks, first priority is to study.
6. Study place.
 Never study in your bed. It will make you want to sleep and cuddle into all those warm blankets….no. Get a desk or the kitchen table even. If you have nowhere else to go, try a coffee shop or studying at a friend’s house.
7. Breathe. 
Finals can be tough but you need to breathe and you can get through this. Try breathing in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold it for 7, and exhale for 8. Do this until you can focus again. 

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