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Workout Basics
By: Triana
This summer I made my goal to start becoming even healthier than I already am. With school out I have more time to exercise and eat right so I’m going to take advantage of it. Here are a few very basic items  I believe you need for a successful workout.
If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on workout clothes that’s okay! Usually I just run in loose shorts and a large sweater. Whatever you feel comfortable in is okay. For some, buying nice workout clothes is what motivates them to workout more. You can get nice but also cheap workout clothes from Forever 21 or Old Navy. The top two most important items of clothing would be a supportive sports bra and good running shoes. A bra is very important because that is what is going to keep you the most comfortable while running or any other exercise where you’ll be moving a lot. Shoes are also very important because they support your feet and ankles and keep them safe. 
Water keeps you hydrated and keeps up your energy throughout the day. Without water you would not be able to exercise at all. Even if you don’t exercise too much you should still be drinking around 8 glasses of water everyday. Not only is it easy, accessible, and 0 calories, it is also good for your complexion. Try buying a really cute water bottle that you’ll take with you everywhere. Simple places like Target will have lots of affordable options
When I run or exercise I like to listen to music and sometimes also track how many calories I’m burning. If you like to run a good app for you is Map My Run. With it’s GPS feature it will track exactly where you run, for how long, and how many calories you burned while still playing music. Through the app you can keep track of nutritional intake as well. You just have to add in your weight, height, and what you ate that day and it calculates everything for you.
Before you exercise it’s very important to warm up. It decreases soreness and chance of injury. Before I leave my house to go for a run I like to look up ballet warm ups on Youtube. These are my favorite because they really stretch you out. You can also try some yoga tutorials online or go your own route and stretch by yourself.
If you need motivation, try exercising with a buddy. Another option would be to buy a gym membership or take a class. If you go to a gym you may also be able to get a personal trainer. These are helpful if you’re very new to the gym and equipment. Some ideas for classes would be dance (ballet, zumba, tap), yoga, or cardio workouts. Everything depends on what part of body you want to work out, what’s fun for you, and if you’re happy. If you take a class, try and make new friends in the class so you can be more comfortable. Team sports like basketball are also available for teens through your school, local park district, or YMCA. There are so many options out there, don’t give up if something doesn’t work out.
I hope you have fun trying new things and getting healthy! You can do it, I believe in you.

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